Focus POS – Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue”

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Focus POS Comes to the Rescue on Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue”

In 2012, after 31 years with his family’s accounting business, Jeff Simon decided to embark down a completely different career avenue and purchase the biker dive bar, Bryant’s Ice House in Katy, TX. Despite the bar’s bad reputation, Jeff kept the original name and sunk more than $1 million into the purchase and attempts to revive the struggling establishment. Despite his efforts to reinvigorate the Houston area bar, the former accountant soon realized that the biker hangout was headed down a dreary financial path. With the struggling bar losing $6,000 a month due to its limited menu, poorly identifiable location, and feisty employees, Jeff contacted Jon Taffer and the Bar Rescue staff for assistance. With the help of Taffer and the Bar Rescue crew, the bar was given a completely new look and direction. Rebranded as The Wildcatter Saloon, the newly-themed site was given some much-needed signage, gourmet menu additions, and staffing improvements.

In addition to performing the cosmetic changes, Bar Rescue also contacted Focus POS to help upgrade and reconfigure the bar’s POS operations. With hardware solutions provided by Touch Dynamic and a software donation by Focus POS, the Texas-based software company helped streamline operations to improve the bar’s overall efficiency in serving patrons. Focus helped implement automatic happy hour price changes to the POS to drive sales during non-peak hours as well as assisted in alleviating long food preparation times by revising operations in the location’s food truck.

Along with the powerful, yet easy-to-use employee functionality, Focus POS’ robust reporting features allow Simon to accurately analyze sales increases over time as well as optimize labor costs to ensure the bar’s profitability. Mike Hamm, COO of Focus POS, offered hands-on assistance during the transformation process. Hamm noted, “Focus is very proud to have participated in such an amazing transformation. We care about restaurant owners and strive to make their jobs as easy as possible.”

According to Simon, six weeks after the launch of The Wildcatter Saloon, food and beverage sales are up 35% and the location is continuing to expand its customer base. With the help of Bar Rescue and Focus POS, among others, the revamped Houston area biker bar looks to have a bright future as a profitable local establishment.