Focus Mobile

Totally Wireless. Totally Focus.

Order Effortlessly

With a few finger taps, staff can easily and accurately manage tables, order items, and tend to guests. Take it anywhere you want – the possibilities are endless with Focus POS restaurant software and management solutions for your mobile device solutions. Cloud based POS.

The Best of Both Worlds

Unleash the full functionality of Focus POS on iPads®. Unplug the cords and take Focus wherever you need it!

Take Payments Anywhere

Use as a line buster or table-side and accept payments from anywhere – guests never need to let their card out of sight. With PCI Compliant payment solutions, Focus Mobile gives you flexibility like never before.

E-mail the Receipt

E-mail and print customer receipts on the spot. Your customers (and Mother Nature) will love you.

Access Reports Anywhere

From home or on vacation, you’re never more than a finger’s swipe away from your restaurant. Cloud based POS reporting keeps you informed on business operations at all times.