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Focus Point of Sale – Speed of Service

By September 7, 2017 No Comments

Speed of service is essential to a restaurant’s success and profit in the industry. Many factors control the promptness and quality of individual establishments’ performance including the staff and the technology that assists them. Table turnover rate, a delicate balance of attention and swiftness to push orders through, is an easy way to expedite the number of people being served. Whether it’s a restaurant where the waiter clearly communicates to bussers to clear the table, delivering a check and telling the host the table will be available shortly, or a bar where a bartender communicates with their team…efficiency matters.

Every part of this structure has to be performing optimally to increase revenue. Focus Point of Sale provides the technology that consistently sets the standard for speed and efficiency in the point of sale industry. Clients such as Rich’s Nightclub did close to 2,600 checks in a 4-hour span on gay pride weekend. This equates to a payment being taken or a check being closed every 5.5 seconds. There are three key features that allow Focus Point of Sale to be user-friendly, fast and functional:

1. Custom Screen Layouts

Focus Point of Sale services an extensive portfolio of clients with broad ranging menus. To operate in a timely manner, the Focus system allows each restaurant, café, bar or fast-food client to customize their systems so that what is on the menu, is what’s on the screen. This limits the clicks, buttons and scrolling so that in just a few quick touches the order is submitted in the most convenient way possible.

2. High Speed Credit Card Processing

Getting food out of the kitchen isn’t the only priority when it comes to speed in the restaurant industry. Focus understands customers like to wrap up their payments after eating as quickly as possible. The Focus POS high speed credit card processing system maximizes efficiency allowing clients to give their customers a satisfying experience from the beginning to the end of their meal.

3. Easy-to-Use Features

Employee turnover is constant in the fast food industry with 75% of fast food employees remaining at their jobs six months or less, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Focus Point of Sale system includes suggestive selling and conversational ordering to make training as smooth as possible for new employees.