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Focus POS on iPad/iPhone Released

By November 11, 2013 No Comments

Focus POS has cut the cables from traditional POS terminals by recently releasing a native iPhone and iPad front-of-house ordering app. Interfacing with the existing standard POS system at the location, the app allows mobile order entry from iOS devices from anywhere that contains a wireless infrastructure. Staff will now have the ability to order items, add to or start customer tabs, and even take credit card payments all from a mobile device. Receipts can either be emailed to the customer on the spot or can be printed to existing printers within the POS system.

Mobile functionality adds a layer that traditional POS systems have previously been lacking. iOS devices can be used to enter and tender orders from customers standing in line – greatly increasing sales, customer turnover, and the guest’s experience. For restaurateurs with mobile, off-site operations, the mobile device can be linked directly to the restaurant via a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot. This provides tremendous advantages to owners on many levels. For one, there is only one system to manage – adding items or changing prices only needs to occur once at the restaurant and the app will also reflect the changes. Another benefit is that since the systems are linked as one, all sales and credit card batch information is fed back to the traditional POS system at the restaurant, making accounting a breeze.

The Texas POS software developer got it right with their solution.  Rather than re-invent the wheel as other newly created mobile POS products are doing, Focus was able to take their standard, proven POS platform and transform it into a solution to keep up with today’s mobile market. Although most of the mobile POS industry is in its infancy, it’s refreshing to see an established POS software provider develop solutions that meet today’s demand for mobile POS solutions.