Stop Reacting. Start Acting.

Receive immediate notifications of activities that could affect your bottom line. Vital alerts instantly inform of discounts, voids, and system issues that could be impacting your business.

Alerts are immediately sent to recipients when occurrences happen. Start reacting instantly when concerns arise instead of finding out after the fact.


Alert recipients, time ranges, and amount thresholds are fully customizable to ensure alerts are limited to your exact preferences.

Manage Operations

Receive alerts when the opening employee hasn’t clocked in for the day – ensuring your business is ready for customers.

Discount & Voids

Use custom alerts to monitor discounts, voids, and refunds. Notifications are sent instantaneously to alert of potentially fraudulent situations.

System Issues

Instantly be notified of any close day problems, offline credit cards, or batch settlement issues .

Manager Alerts

Send custom or pre-set messages to management on-the-fly. Great for alerting of VIP customers!

Who Says You Can’t Be Everywhere At Once?


Manage From Anywhere

Paired with myFocus Mobile, Focus Point of Sale Alerts
provide the power to monitor and manage your locations
from anywhere in the world.

Sales, labor, and vital information is always available at
your fingertips. myFocus Mobile and Alerts provide the
freedom you deserve without losing the control you need.